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Golang mod import private package

In Go, you can use the go mod command to manage dependencies for your project. If you want to import a private package in your project, you can do so by specifying the package's import path in your go.mod file.

For example, let's say you have a private package hosted on a private repository, and the import path for the package is example.com/user/privatepkg. You can import this package in your project by adding the following line to your go.mod file:

require example.com/user/privatepkg v1.0.0

This will tell go mod to download and use version v1.0.0 of the privatepkg package from the repository at example.com/user.

You will also need to make sure that you have the necessary access to the private repository. This can usually be done by using an SSH key or by logging in with your credentials.

It's also worth noting that in Go, packages are private by default, meaning that they are only accessible within the same module (a module is a collection of Go packages that are released together). If you want to make a package publicly accessible, you can do so by starting the package name with a capital letter. For example, package foo is private, while package Foo is public.


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